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It's important to note that:

  • Once you have submited and selected the amount of shares you would like, it will not be actioned until you are sent by email a pin and user-name which you will need to use to log in again in order to action the investment. 
  • Should you wish to do so, you can select to change your pin number to something more memorable. 
  • The server will prohibit you from investing all the money you put into the account as some money needs to be left in the account in order for payment to be collected. Therefore it may be a good idea to leave about 2% of what you wish to invest in the account. 
  • Your transaction will then only show in the view transactions section pending purchase until the units have been bought.
  • Once you have registered you will be shown a number you can call where you will be able to speak to someone should you need further guidance to make your investments.